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Our own MJ Deery, Creative Director at Matter Unlimited offers resources and examples for brands looking for ways to help refugees in Afghanistan.

“Now that the U.S. is officially out of Afghanistan, many of us fear for the hundreds of thousands of U.S.-affiliated Afghans facing uncertain futures.

“One reason brands should consider getting involved in the rescue effort is the role of brand purpose in driving growth across industries. Investing in social impact has become standard business practice, allowing us to meet this moment with the financial power to significantly help our displaced allies.

“The key is this: Don’t overthink it. If your brand’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) platform doesn’t have a logical tie-in to Afghan support, act anyway. Time is of the essence.

“We can’t get hung up on whether our actions are on-brand. We’re in an age when the expectation of brands is to behave less like business entities confined by strategy and more like humans with the capacity for spontaneity, and the heart to help people in crisis. Here’s a guide on how brand purpose can live alongside brand humanity.”