It’s Abbott Laboratories mission to help people live life to the fullest. Which is why we’re proud of our on-going partnership with the group, which began in 2015. In that time we have strategized, positioned and named new citizenship initiatives, told the story of their impactful public, private partnerships and created new content products to elevate their leadership position in life-changing health technology.


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We first worked with Abbott to help position and name their new citizenship platform and program. They had already done so much when it came to empowering people through health, it was time to better focus their efforts and vision for the next five years. Having facilitated workshops and provided numerous analysis on issues, audiences, landscape and needs we recognized the burden of NCDs (non-communicable diseases) nationally and globally. There was incredible potential for impact if Abbott could step up, use their innovative drive and find new ways to outsmart the drivers of chronic disease for the next generation.

FutureWell was born and continues to create meaningful impact in communities globally. From looking at diabetes care in rural Kenya, chronic disease in crisis settings and empowering kids to make changes today for a healthier tomorrow, Abbott is tackling social determinants of health –and improving lives. 


Invested Since 2001

We then turned our attention to the incredible work of the Abbott Fund and their partnership with the Government of Tanzania to strengthen the country’s healthcare system. Since 2001 they had invested over $100 million to sustainably transform emergency care. It was time to tell the story of the partnership, and the life-saving results it was achieving.

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We centered our storytelling around Dr. Upendo George, the first female emergency medicine doctor in Tanzania. The result was a visually arresting film that mixed live action with animation and took audiences on her journey to becoming the head of the emergency medicine residency program, a path inspired by the heroes of her favorite books as a child: female doctors, and narrated by Dr. George herself.

Paying tribute to that inspiration we also brought her story to life through a children’s book, Dreaming in the Mpingo Tree, which was printed in english and swahili and continues to encourage young children to live their dreams. 

Through Upendo’s unique story, we were able to illustrate how Abbott has forged new paths in corporate philanthropy. 

Most recently, we created a three-part series “Health Tech on the Horizon,” a podcast that introduces listeners to the people behind medical inventions that are looking toward the future of healthcare and the creativity, imagination, and futuristic thinking driving these life-changing technologies. Our guests have included technology theorist John Nosta on the evolving role of data in diabetes treatment and prevention, Katharine Kreis of PATH on the future of global nutrition in a changing climate, and Dr. Jack Kreindler on cardiac innovation from pacemakers to heart pumps.


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