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For over two decades, Gildan has invested heavily in “making apparel better” through industry-leading responsible manufacturing processes and commitments. However, their sustainable leadership had largely gone under the radar as retail and apparel competitors dominated the conversation around impact and ethics. Gildan was putting in the hard work behind the scenes, but needed an ownable, differentiated, and flexible ESG narrative platform to connect with their external stakeholders across not only Gildan Activewear, but also its portfolio of brands.


Re-imagine Gildan’s Genuine Responsibility ESG Platform and design ways to meaningfully, authentically, and effectively activate it across their entire brand ecosystem.

Impact Strategy

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ESG has always been integrated into our business strategy and reflected in our market offering. This next generation strategy will push us to deliver even stronger ESG performance and continue to reinforce Gildan as a leading ethical, sustainable, and efficient apparel company.

Glenn Chamandy

President and CEO


In an industry overrun with greenwashing, we were conscious not to over-promise and under-deliver in bad faith. Instead, we dove deep into Gildan‘s roots to tell the story of an everyday apparel company taking everyday action to build a better future, one step at a time. Except those “steps” across an global, vertically integrated supply chain means big opportunities for positive impact. We created their new ESG platform Gildan Respects™, bringing forward the core values driving the everyday action across their commitments.

To bring Gildan‘s new platform to the world, we launched the ‘Made With Respect’ campaign that would permeate every touch point of their audience journey from shipping and product labels through to digital content. ‘Made With Respect’ allowed Gildan to share stories of their depth and breadth of ESG activity with the right balance of humility and ambition.

Gildan Respects™

A logo lock up was designed that had the flexibility to showcase the vast array of commitments and programs with the ESG platform and could still drive consistency across the brand’s digital and physical footprint.

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Gildan Respects™

The landing page told the story of their historical commitments and future ambition highlighting their core pillars of action and allowing audiences to explore their impact. It featured an anthem film that introduced the new Made with Respect platform. Digital assets covered the breadth and depth of commitments from renewable energy to worker welfare.


Documentary Series

To demonstrate Gildan’s respect for their workers in action, we followed Gildan employees like Dr. Nancy García, an on-site physician at their manufacturing headquarters in Honduras. Providing on-site medical care at their manufacturing facilities is one of many ways Gildan Respects their people, connecting and investing in the collective wellness of local communities where they operate.


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