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Embrace equity. The theme for International Women’s Day 2023 asks us to imagine a gender equitable world, but at Matter Unlimited we recognize the need to act on equity in order to make that perceived future our reality.

This Women’s History Month we’re reminded that the fight for equity is a marathon, not a sprint. To collectively build an equitable, inclusive future, we must acknowledge the systemic inequities and how they persist today.

With women making up the majority of the Matter team, we are proud to actively create opportunities for women and contribute to greater representation both within our company and throughout the work that we do.

We’re grateful to have had the following opportunities to partner with purpose-driven organizations making meaningful strides in moving gender equity forward: — under / over launched their under / over video series to break down underrepresented individuals’ overlooked stories to highlight the need for and benefit of gender diversity in data.

As part of’s work to put a spotlight on gender equity in data for social impact (DSI), under / over aims to raise awareness of successful ways for women and gender-diverse individuals to be represented in data and to themselves harness the power of data to drive social impact.

Under / over explores what excellence looks like in the entire data for social impact value chain. Together, we can create a more inclusive data culture and increase the percentage of women entering and remaining in the DSI workforce.

When we empower women in data, we empower more than half of the world in terms of their perspectives, ideas, and tailored solutions.

Merck For Mothers - All for Mothers

Merck for Mothers is on a mission to eradicate maternal mortality globally. We began our work together in 2016 with the goal of inspiring new audiences to join them in the fight and still remain relevant among policy-makers and NGOs.

What followed was a multi-year partnership where we created All for Mothers, a platform to signify the universal motivation and catalyzed action and awareness in the fight to end maternal mortality globally.

Rockefeller Foundation — #WithoutMom

Rockefeller Foundation came to us with the idea to use Mother’s Day to start a meaningful conversation about maternal mortality across different ally groups from policy makers to celebrities

To thoughtfully bring awareness for a heart-breaking issue, #WithoutMom prompted successful people from all walks of life to imagine a world without Mom, encouraging them to share the content, and their own story.

International Women’s Day is an opportunity for us all to renew our commitment to gender equity by taking action.

Ella Saunders Crivello, Matter Unlimited’s Director of Partnerships, encapsulates the importance of International Women’s Day: to remember that we must find wins, celebrate them, and then always ask, what’s next?