For the first time in its corporate history Coursera, a global learning platform, wanted to tell people about the purpose behind their platform. They needed a powerful anthemic piece of content to compliment a new campaign and inspire people of all circumstances that they could transform their lives, through learning.

The Challenge

Create the centerpiece film of a rebrand launch that captured the mission and vision of the Cousera platform and celebrated their learners worldwide (amid a global pandemic).

What Matters

Education Equity

Impact Storytelling

Campaign Strategy
Film/Video Production
Creative Asset Design


At the end of 2020, a year plagued by a global health pandemic, and unprecedented racial, economic and social upheaval, people around the world were confined to their homes, questioning their future and confronted with the possibility to re-think their careers, locations, and education. Coursera, a global learning platform with a bold mission to make transformative learning accessible, inclusive, and impactful for all, decided it was time to tell the world what they represent and why they exist: as a beacon and pathway for those looking to transform their lives through learning. They needed an anthem video that could be the start of a movement to enable and fight for universal access to world class education and inspire people of all circumstances to transform their lives through learning.

Anthem Film


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With an accelerated timeline to concept, produce and deliver, and while facing the production challenges of filming during a global pandemic, we created an anthem film that would serve as the centerpoint to their global rebrand launch.

Centering the narrative of their manifesto and the voices of their own global community of learners and educators, we were able to bring to life their “learner first” ethos in a genuine and compelling way. We used a crowd-sourced creative production approach that allowed us to virtually direct talent around the globe to self-film and audio record across continents. The film launched as part of a national TV media buy in addition to being featured on all of Coursera’s owned social channels.