Kimpton Hotels is America’s pioneering boutique hotel, founded as the stylish, human antithesis to the cold, same-y “big box” hotels of the 1980s. From day one, the brand had a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility that stemmed from its founder, Bill Kimpton’s, personal values.

In 2015, the organization found itself a bit lost. While a few cause partners maintained momentum nationally and locally, most had become fragmented. Across the board, the brand had moved toward ‘lighter’ support and initiatives, like writing checks and offering donations around rate codes.

The Challenge

Reorient Kimpton in its strong roots in humanity by developing a strong platform for corporate social responsibility to both demonstrate its commitments and engage employees and guests.

What Matters

Corporate Social Responsibility

Public Private Partnership Strategy

Partnership Strategy

Working with Kimpton’s leadership team, we developed a brand workshop to explore past, present and future opportunities for the brand in the corporate good space.

The workshop fed into to a strategic exercise to both define core focus areas for cause partners and outline Kimpton’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) “North Star”, an overarching platform for the brand’s CSR efforts moving forward.

The CSR North Star then kicked off a strategic and creative process to identify new cause partners, along with specify direction on how to activate each organization against both internal employees (brand) and guests.

Kimpton CSR North Star Statement

Welcome and inspire individuality in order to create heartfelt human connection in our properties and communities.

National Partners

(Brand-Level Pillars to be activated region-by-region)

Regional Partners