The Challenge

Nike needed to position their new zero carbon and zero waste initiative, develop their voice in the climate change space, and begin to build credibility and momentum with thought leaders to protect the future of sport. Not only did they need to ensure its perspective and approach resonated with the public, but it needed to galvanize employees to kick off the new sustainability journey.

What Matters

Climate Action


Platform Positioning
Messaging Framework
Video Production
Digital Content
Event Design and Production
Just Do It Day

Move To Zero

The Solution

We started by onboarding Nike’s 70,000 employees to Move to Zero through a film on the company’s “Just Do It Day.” Next, we created a series of events that focused on industry accountability, circular design, and pro athlete commitments during a takeover of their New York City headquarters during Climate Week 2019.

“At Nike, we believe that climate change is the defining environmental issue of our generation because the reality is if there’s no plan, there’s no sport”

Noel KinderNike’s Chief Sustainability Officer
The Outcome

Move to Zero was launched to an industry and employee audience through creative product storytelling that leveraged climate science data and athlete voices to illustrate the link between climate change and the future of sport. The event and platform website together created an avenue for Nike to communicate its vision and progress to the world, positioning them as a leader in sustainability.