my brothers keeper

When President Obama launched the My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) initiative in 2014, his goal was to close opportunity gaps for young boys and men of color, and ensure that they all have the chances to reach their potential. A few years in, MBK was unknown to most people, and needed a public facing campaign that would raise awareness of the systemic issues and barriers facing these young men and support them. 

In 2016, The White House engaged Matter to create MBK’s first public-facing campaign launched at the MTV Movie Awards, sparking an online conversation and support via #IamMBK.

The campaign – launched on December 25, 2017 in partnership with ESPN, featuring President Obama, Steph Curry and Chance the Rapper – “We are the Ones” was a rallying cry to all young Americans to become Allies of MBKA. The accompanying “The Keepers’ Code” digital campaign on, is a guide created by young men of color around the nation for Allies to live by.

After President Obama left the White House, we were tasked with re-engaging the public with MBK Alliance as an Obama Foundation initiative. Looking to the future of program, we kicked off with a research study designed to understand existing and potential new audiences. A key insight emerged: young Americans between 18 and 34 were extremely aware and very concerned about race relations, poverty, and education but are unsure of how to join the conversation and make a difference. In the first weeks of launching, we saw unprecedented sign ups, and significant spikes in traffic to MBKA’s partner organizations, like #TheKeepersCode and #IamMBK received over 50,000,000+ impressions across Twitter & Instagram.


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