The Challenge

My Brother’s Keeper (MBK), an Obama Administration-led effort focused on closing the opportunity gap for young boys and men of color, needed to transition over to the Obama Foundation. To build engagement and awareness, they needed to find a way to increase the support and volume of mentors and allies involved with MBK and their partners in the MBK Alliance (MBKA).

What Matters

Economic Equity
Racial Justice


Anthem Films
Website Design
Social Activation
The Solution

Matter Unlimited partnered with young men of color themselves to draft a guide for allies to live by as the underpinning of the MBKA platform. Using the voice of the community, we aimed to create a way for possible mentors to actively get involved with the organization to start to close the opportunity gap.


Ally Sign Ups


Impressions across Twitter and Instagram

In the first weeks of launching, over 6,000 people signed up as Allies on the website, and we saw significant spikes in traffic to MBKA’s partner organizations, like Additionally, #TheKeepersCode and #IamMBK received over 50,000,000+ impressions across Twitter and Instagram.

MTV VMA Awards :60 Spot

My Brothers Keeper

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In 2016, The White House engaged Matter Unlimited to create MBK’s first public-facing campaign launched at the MTV VMA Awards, sparking an online conversation and support via #IamMBK.

We Are The Ones

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Later in early 2018, in partnership with ESPN, we issued an invitation launching the ‘We Are The Ones’ campaign. It became a rallying cry to all young… Americans to become Allies of MBK. An anthemic film premiered on ESPN featuring President Obama, Steph Curry and Chance the Rapper.

The My Brother’s Keeper Initiative was launched in 2014 by President Obama to close the opportunity gap for young men of color in America. We worked with the My Brother’s Keeper team, first at The White House and then at the Obama Foundation, to grow visibility for the platform and activate a broader public audience. In helping to build a coalition our efforts focused on encouraging allyship and creating action with partners like MTV and ESPN.