Rockefeller Foundation came to us with an idea: Use Mother’s Day as an inflection point to shed light on maternal mortality, an issue with far too little attention. They needed an idea to ignite a conversation across different ally groups from policy makers to celebrities. An idea they could launch simultaneously in the US, Uganda and India. An idea that could hijack a normally celebratory time to shed light on a serious and heartbreaking issue. Read on to see how we deftly answered this challenging brief.

The Challenge

Ignite a meaningful conversation about maternal mortality in the lead up to Mothers Day, and make it go viral across three countries, without creating an immediate backlash.

What Matters

Maternal Health


Campaign Platform
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Scandalizing maternal mortality around Mother’s Day was a big idea, but one that had to be executed with precision and thoughtfulness. Plus, to engage audiences in the US, India and Uganda, we needed a universal insight, an inherently sharable idea and an influencer strategy to attract attention. All while carefully considering the tone of our campaign, given we were creating awareness for a heart-breaking issue during a celebratory time for Mothers.

The idea we landed was to encourage our audience to imagine a world without Mom. The campaign execution needed to be emotionally compelling and specifically crafted to encourage personal participation on social channels.

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#WithoutMom took existing footage of successful people from all walks of life honoring the impact their mother had had on their life and the role they had played in their achievements. We tapped our influencer network and had incredible luminaries share the content, and their own story.

The campaign film has been viewed over 15.7 million times and the campaign was featured on CBS, MSNBC and The View. Influencers in all three markets shared the campaign with personal anecdotes.